Two Moms Review is written by two friends who are also moms: Janet and Diana.

Between us we have 2 husbands, 4 kids, and some backyard chickens. Combine that with a love of family, faith and fun! Our girls play dress up while we review the products, services and other things that make family life easier or better. We share our favorites with you and want to hear your input too. So please comment and don’t be shy – we promise we will read and respond.

Janet is a blogger who has a love for mattresses and cleaning products. In the past year she and her husband have found things that have made a huge difference in our quality of life and we want to share them. Her husband is in the financial industry and he’s what you’d call a neat freak. Things get done fast and well. The house is clean and the lawn is mowed. Still, Janet is a little more on the laid back side but she tries to do her best. Her son is in high school and her daughter starts grade school soon.

Diana works in the medical field and has an interest in women’s health. Life is never dull and there are always stories to tell! Her husband is super handy and can fix just about anything. The kids? they are gymnasts who like to practice by flipping over the living room couch. Most mornings she eats eggs straight from the chickens, which are named Pinkilicous, ____, _____ and _____.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy our reviews and musings on life! If there’s anything you’d like us to review, please contact us.