Amazon Fresh Cities + Amazon Fresh Coupon for $30 Off

Summer is vacation time and our family is trying to squeeze everything we can in before school starts. Speaking of vacations and school, Prime Day promos have already begun and will run through July 17th, 2018. We love to use Amazon Now to get groceries delivered when we’re on a trip and aren’t near a grocery store.

That’s what we did at Universal Orlando. Instead of hitting up the gift shop or the hotel restaurant we used the Amazon Fresh app to order things we needed. They were delivered to the bell desk – but tip: try to meet your driver in the lobby so you don’t get a surcharge added (some hotels will add that on for the extra service).

There’s another Amazon service you can use to get groceries delivered to your home – Amazon Fresh. This is an ongoing subscription and now includes food from Whole Foods stores. Note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links. Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service.

Amazon Fresh Coupon

Before I give more detail, check this out this coupon code for Amazon Fresh. It’s good until July 17, 2018.

Get $30 off your first order on Amazon Fresh with CODE 30FRESH Until July 17 with this link:

UPDATE TO AmazonFresh – FREE Delivery On Orders Over $35

October 2019 – Amazon Prime members can now buy groceries online and get same-day delivery at no charge as long as your order is $35 or more. Previously, AmazonFresh had a subscription model that was $14.99 per month on top of what you pay for your Prime membership.

We actually got Prime Now which is rumored to be merging with Amazon Fresh this year sometime. Prime Now is Amazon’s two-hour delivery service.

First, here’s what we got (among other things).

Amazon Fresh deal

We got string cheese, yogurt, apple sauce pouches + other snacks. Oh and I ordered a charging cord for my phone because I forgot mine.

The insulated bags have ice packs in them to keep cool foods refrigerated. I met our driver and he was great! I would do it again and only wish we had Amazon Fresh at home – our city isn’t covered yet.

How Amazon Fresh Works

To use Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service you have to be an Amazon Prime member, which costs $13 for a month or $99 for a year. You can get a free 30-day trial by clicking here.

How Much Does Amazon Fresh Cost?

Good news! AmazonFresh is part of your Amazon Prime benefits. Delivery is free if you spend over $35, otherwise, it’s $9.99. AmazonFresh currently delivers to homes in larger cities such as Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, New York City, London, parts of California and New Jersey, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and more.

Is Amazon Fresh in Your City?

When you log into your Amazon account it will tell you if you’re eligible.

What’s The Difference Between Amazon Fresh and Prime Now?

I had this question too. I think this is so confusing!  With the new changes they’re very similar, but they haven’t merged (yet).

Amazon Prime Now is Amazon’s grocery delivery service and more. It has a large selection, from fresh produce to electronics. You can order meat and even pet food. And, depending on where you live, it can include restaurant delivery and alcohol. So it’s sort of like UberEats meets InstaCart. It’s available in more locations than Amazon Fresh.

Not to mention they have some clothing. Need some underwear, children’s Tylenol, or laundry detergent? Don’t pay hotel prices, you can order it on Prime Now. Also, eye masks and earplugs are a must-have for me. If you’re like me, I usually forget a few things. It has so many more options and cities.

Amazon Prime Now cities list


Amazon Fresh delivers grocery items and even home/cleaning supplies, and it can be as fast as 1-hour delivery. You may even have a pick-up option that can be ready in as little as 30 minutes. This is more for paper towels and things you regularly buy at a grocery store. Track your past purchases for reorders.

Other Amazon Prime Benefits We Use While on Vacation

I love listening to books as I drive or travel. I got this speaker that plugs into my phone (great bright colors) or it can be wireless with Bluetooth. These white headphones are great for the kids to listen to so they can listen to movies on their iPad. Then we can watch Amazon Prime Movies in our hotel room.

Amazon Prime Movies has a large selection of shows for all ages. Plus, it’s part of our Prime membership so it’s not costing us extra. Amazon also has a lot of great digital movie rentals if Prime Movies doesn’t carry what you want. It’s usually $3.99 a movie. It sure beats the prices of watching movies through the hotel channels which are usually $15 or more for one-time viewing. If the place you’re staying at doesn’t have a gym or you want to stay in the room (the weather is bad or your little one is sleeping), you can watch a workout or yoga video.

But I highly recommend downloading as many movies as you can before you leave in case the wifi is slow or you have to pay for it.

If you’re going to Universal Studios Orlando or camping in your backyard – we hope you’re summer is a fun one full of family time and making good memories! And take pictures!

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