Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review + Save 50%

Are you looking for a kids subscription box? We found Green Kid’s Crafts. 

Why did we enjoy it so much? Because it’s not just crafts, art or science.

Rather it’s a very well-rounded kids subscription box with a STEAM theme (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). Each month features projects based on one of these categories. Note: we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

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First, if you want to check out Green Kid Crafts, we have a deal for you.

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Kids subscription box

As a parent or grandparent you want to help kids explore. Introduce them to new ideas. Help them discover their talents. Subscription boxes are perfect for that.

We believe in teaching kids at home but sometimes we need some help to make it happen. You can’t count on teachers to help your kids explore. At school, teachers often have large classes that make it tough to do a lot of hands on projects (so they sometimes default to something like coloring).

Getting a subscription box in the mail every month feels like a gift that we’re excited about and look forward to. They give us time together away from electronics. It makes it special and establishes a habit of doing new things. They’re ideal for rainy days, after school and other times. Basically, it’s quality time.

For example, Alexis’s grandpa was educated as a meteorologist and was a math professor. He talks to her about these topics but it’s not always easy to make it appeal to children. So when we get a weather or math project we save it for them to do together. They both love it!

We like to set aside a subscription box for our kids to do when parents go on a trip,
visit grandparents or we get a babysitter.
It gives them something to look forward to doing together while we’re gone.

So we’re excited to introduce you to our sponsor and tell you all about the fun we had with…

Green Kid Crafts Review

We recently got an email from the founder of Green Kid Crafts – Penny Bauder. She invited us to try Green Kid Crafts and sent us boxes to review. Please note that when you shop through our links we may earn a commission (and you help support moms and families). She is a mom herself and an environmentalist. Over a million families have joined the Green Kid Crafts community she started.

Each box has fun and creative STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

One of the best parts about Green Kid Crafts besides being more environmentally friendly is her holistic and forward-looking approach. It’s not just arts or crafts. It’s not just science. Boxes cover so many different subjects because they have a vision behind them: to raise well-rounded future leaders. Each activity kit is “designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while helping to raise the nation’s next generation of creative leaders.”

We got 3 boxes: an arts and crafts theme, space, and electricity.

Monthly Subscriptions for Kids Q & A

Here are some questions and answers about Green Kid Crafts. Please comment if you have any questions we can answer.

How many activities do you get per box?

craft projectsBoxes come with 4-8 projects. In our arts box we had 6 activities (2 are related such as making a batik treasure bag with glue and with  crayons). The box has all the supplies you need to do those projects. There’s a booklet with several other related projects you can do. Each month has a different theme and focuses on one aspect. So one month it might be science, the next engineering, etc.

We appreciated that the projects were not overly complicated so the kids didn’t get frustrated and impatient. However, they were still creative and had ideas or supplies we wouldn’t think of or have on hand. It can easily keep kids occupied for several hours.

Some projects are easy enough that kids can do it themselves. Others are perfect to do with a parent, adult or older sibling.

What age group are the projects geared towards?

Green Kid Crafts’ monthly boxes are developed by teachers and STEAM experts to support key developmental skills for kids ages 2-10. While most boxes are created to appeal to any age, Green Kid Crafts has 2 divided it into two options:

  • Junior Discovery Boxes for kids ages 2-4
  • Discovery Boxes for kids 5-10+

We had two 7-year-olds and a 9-year-old. Everyone was engaged. The whole family enjoyed playing with the sand from the 9-year-old’s activity. It stayed in the kitchen all week. First I showed Alexis how to do batik but she did the stamps projects on her own without prompting or help from me.

What subscription options are there and what do they cost?

Subscriptions are available in month-to-month, 3, 6, and 12-month durations. Subscriptions start at $17.95 / month, and sibling and book add-on options are also available. They make great gifts too! Order at

Don’t forget to use code TWOMOMS for 50% off your first month. It’s good on the Junior or Discovery Box subscription.

Go to Green Kid Crafts

Kid subscription box

What makes Green Kid Crafts Unique?

All subscription boxes involve waste so you will like that Green Kid Crafts tries to mitigate that. They are certified carbon neutral, Green America Approved, a member of 1% for the Planet, and have won numerous awards for their responsible business practices.

Green Kid Crafts has won a variety of awards including:

  • Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award
  • Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products
  • PTPA Seal of Approval
  • a recommendation from Parents’ Choice
  • MACT Excellence and MACT Green Awards
  • Red Tricycle’s Award for Most Awesome Subscription Service

Green Kid Crafts Arts and Science Subscription Box has a great opportunity to teach children values rather than just give them things to do. As an older kid, I loved making paper using recycled materials and tie-dying it. I’d love to see more projects that involve things like that so it’s not just recyclable materials or lower waste but that it helps kids reuse things we commonly throw away into an art project or science experiment.

The green aspect as well as how each box varies so much is what drew us to Green Kid Crafts. It’s also the only kid’s subscription box we know of that is built by moms, for moms. Be sure to check them out!

Green Kid Crafts review

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