Best Online Mattress: The New Purple 3 Bed

The Best Online Mattress? The New Purple Bed – Here’s Why

For two years Purple mattress had one mattress – the original. Then recently they came out with 3 new beds that have been totally redesigned. They’re called Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4. Each new Purple mattress is similar in every way except for the amount of comfort grid and thickness. The original Purple mattress is still for sale but these are more modern, higher end mattresses that offer additional support.

First we want you to know that we’re not being paid to review the new Purple mattresses. However, Janet was given the Purple 4 mattress to review and we’re affiliates of Purple. So thank you for shopping through our link.

Why is Purple the Best Online Mattress?

There’s no other online mattress like Purple. The rest are various configurations of the same type of foam and/or springs. However, Purple has the comfort grid that’s a flexible top layer that moves with your movement and cushions you without that stuck-in-your-mattress feel. Purple is also distinct in that it has NO MEMORY FOAM at all. It does have foam but you’re sleeping right on the flexible layer which collapses around your joints. It’s such a unique mattress and the unique stretchy sheets and mattress protector combine to give you the best night’s sleep.

Purple 2 mattress
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Read on for more about why we loved this mattress and both own one:

Top 5 features of the New Purple Mattress

#5: Individually wrapped coils
Purple said they wouldn’t do it but they did. They added springs. Our guess is due to the extra weight and the already floppy nature of the polymer, they had to give it more structure.

Not many boxed mattresses have them – Voila is the only other mattress we’ve reviewed that does. Purple calls them Responsive Support Coils and says they give the mattress a slightly softer feel. Like the purple polymer, they compress your pressure points and cushion them.

The springs are individually wrapped coils and they make the bed more responsive to motion, without making the entire mattress move. They also help with edge support which we’ll get more into that later.

Purple 3 mattress
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#4: Extra height

The original Purple is not the tallest mattress and 9.5 inches or less isn’t enough to satisfy most people – especially if you’re heavier. The new Purple beds have that extra height and look nicer and more luxurious on your bedframe. Over time mattresses have kept getting higher, just like Colorado!

The new mattresses are much higher than the original which was 9.5 inches. The style today is to have thicker beds and the new Purple mattress delivers. Here’s a breakdown of the heights:

  • Purple 2 is 11 inches tall
  • Purple 3 is 12 inches
  • Purple 4 is 13 inches

#4: Better edge support
Instead of the polymer stuff going to the edges of your mattress, these new Purple beds have a perimeter of foam around it. This keeps the edge from collapsing when you sit on it and you won’t feel like you’re going to roll off. You can sit on it to tie your shoe or whatever and it holds its shape. That’s important because the polymer is super flexible and that’s not something you want or need on the edge.

Purple 4 mattress

#3: New style and cover
The new Purple beds came out in early 2018 and are stylish and sleek looking – especially compared to the original Purple that’s all white with a simple gray backing. The new beds have labels on the side and a wave pattern on the sides. The sides are grey and white with purple piping. The cover is made of stretchier material that is made to work with your bed and stretchy Purple sheets to give you that flexibility (instead of a solid, rigid top mattress or cover/sheets that don’t move with you and create a drum effect).

Like before, you can zip off the cover and wash it but it’s better to spot-wash it so the gray doesn’t bleed onto the white. It’s slightly thicker but still covers the top layer which is mostly the polymer. You get the benefit of the polymer against your body but you won’t feel the grid as much.

It has the word Purple embroidered into the cover and it’s really stretchy to allow that polymer cushion stuff to move around with you. That’s really important – the whole bed is made to flex with your body and movement as you sleep.

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#2: FREE in-home delivery and takeaway service
The new Purple mattresses are heavier than the original. They come in a flat box instead of vacuum-packed. They’re difficult to move. But the good news – they offer FREE in-home delivery. So it’ll be delivered to your home and put directly on your bed. They’ll even haul away your old mattress for you which saves you from trying to ditch it in an abandoned alley or on the side of the road to avoid paying to take it to the dump. Believe me, you don’t want to have to carry this mattress yourself!

#1: MORE PURPLE STUFF (Comfort Grid)

The number on the mattress corresponds to how many inches of Purple stuff or what they call the Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™ there is inside. It’s also called the Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

The Purple 2 has 2 inches of polymer (like the original)
The Purple 3 has 3 inches of polymer
And the Purple 4 has 4 inches of polymer

Q&A Section

Do you need box springs with a Purple Bed?

No, Purple says using box springs negates your bed’s warranty. They are very heavy and you need something that won’t give at all and can handle the weight of the bed plus the people or pets sleeping on it. Purple has a platform base or any of the new Purple beds work on the Purple powerbase adjustable bed.

Do you recommend I get the Purple sheets, pillows, and mattress protector?

All the sheets and the Purple mattress protector fit the new taller profile. We highly recommend the Purple sheets, Purple pillow, and especially the Purple mattress protector. The only thing we weren’t fond of is the pillow which was far too floppy and heavy for our taste.

Which new Purple should I get?

These mattresses cost a bit more than the original and we think they’re worth it if you have the budget. If not, the original is still a great mattress. If it’s a bit of a stretch to pay upfront Purple does offer financing through Affirm so you get your bed now but pay monthly. You can skip the first month’s payment and then start paying. The first 6 months are interest-free if you qualify and they give you all the terms up front at checkout. It’s really fast, we actually tested it out.

Which one should you buy? We vote for the 3. Honestly, there’s not a huge difference in feel between them. None could really be called plush or soft but the Purple 4 will be the most squishy (that’s all we can think to call it). So the choice comes down to your preference in height and squishiness.

Are the new Purple beds firm or soft?

Purple is a medium mattress – right between soft and firm. Some think it’s firmer than expected and in that case, we make a rare exception and say don’t return your mattress, add a softer mattress topper. That’s because as we said, there’s nothing on the market like the new Purple beds. It’s worth it to adjust it to fit your preference rather than go to a copycat-type bed. Again, this is the best online bed (for us). Hands down. It’s amazing for back pain.

Does the new Purple sleep hot?

No, Purple sleeps temperature neutral and has great airflow. Memory foam sleeps the hottest and there’s no memory foam in Purple beds.

What’s the warranty and sleep trial?

The warranty is 10 years and the trial period is 100 days.

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