New Breathable Baby Mattress Review: The Newton Baby Mattress

Baby Crib Mattress That’s Breathable

Hey moms, we found a truly unique baby mattress that has a feature we’ve never heard of before but that we think you’ll like: it’s breathable. If you’re like us, we’ve watched our babies sleep so soundly that we have a moment of panic because we can’t tell they’re breathing. We put them on their back hoping that they’ll sleep face up and even leave bedding out of the crib to make sure the baby can breathe easily. The breathability is what made us most intrigued with the Newton Baby Mattress.

First, disclosures. We’re not paid to review the Newton Baby Mattresses. We were given one to review and we’re affiliates of Newton. If you like our video we ask that you use to support our channel by using our link should you decide to buy a Newton baby mattress or product. Just go to

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Before we get to #3 in our top reasons you’ll love the Newton Baby Mattress, you’ll want to know about the trial period. You have 100 nights to test out this mattress at home. If you decide it’s not for you, you’re out nothing. They’ll give you a full refund. It also has a limited lifetime warranty.

Newton Baby Mattress Review

We can describe this mattress all we want, but it’s better to just show you what it’s like. Here’s our review video so you can see more about the Newton crib mattress:

Newton Baby Mattress Sizes

This baby mattress comes in two sizes: ‘mini’ size for cosleepers or bassinets and a standard size that fits a regular crib. The standard size is 28” x 52” and is 5.5” thick. The mini is 24” x 38″ (same thickness).

You can choose a cover to match your decor or preference.

The Newton crib mattress cover comes in 4 colors:

  • Cloud white
  • Moonlight gray
  • Sunrise pink
  • Sky blue

The covers are fully removable and easy to unzip for fast cleaning. They’re made of a thicker, durable material and have a beautiful cloud design sewn in. The zipper is well-made and doesn’t snag. It’s a high-quality cover and we were immediately impressed with it. The 3D cloud cover is made of 100% polyester and you can breathe through it.

Breathable Crib Sheets

The company recommends the aden + anais baby sheets they carry because, like the bed, they’re also breathable. You can get white, a darling lion pattern, or pink polka dot. They’re made of muslin cotton. Overall the cover and the sheets aren’t as soft as some but they’re made for the specific purpose of being breathable. The company suggests that you skip the sheet for your little one’s first 12 months so you get the maximum breathability benefits.

Top 3 Facts about the Newton Baby Mattress

#1: Baby can Breath Through this Bed!

Regular baby mattresses are covered in plastic that has chemicals, can easily tear, and wear out fast. The Newton is different. It’s breathable. That means if your baby ever ends up face down, the mattress and cover are 100% breathable, greatly reducing the risk of suffocation. This is just brilliant. It gives me peace of mind and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

The pattern is a little like ramen noodles. It’s not going to sink in (which is a bad idea because babies lack the ability to move their heads or bodies until they’re older. Foam mattresses sink when they get warm and can impede the baby’s movement (plus get too warm). Diana and I both love nontoxic mattresses with polymer inside like the Purple mattress (you can check out our review of it for adults) and now the Newton Baby Mattress.

Newton mattress review

#2: It’s Reuseable and Recyclable!
The Newton baby mattress is made to last through the toddler years and can be handed down to the next child or to a friend. That makes it reuseable, unlike some baby mattresses which are totally destroyed after one kid. This mattress is made to be durable. Plus it’s recyclable so you’re not filling the landfill with a bunch of toxic waste that’s in a lot of mattresses. More on that later.

The fact that this mattress is reusable and recyclable isn’t the coolest thing about this mattress…

#3: A Safer Baby Mattress without Harmful Chemicals
Infants spend 50-60% of their day sleeping (and it seems like a lot of the night awake!) so they spend a lot of time on their mattress. The Newton crib mattress contains no foam, latex, or adhesives. It’s Greenguard Gold certified, which means no off-gassing, toxic chemicals, or allergens.

The safest crib mattress for your baby.

According to a study cited in this article (conducted by environmental engineers from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin), your baby’s mattress could have high levels of chemical emissions. Chemicals in a mattress are a big concern for everyone but especially for babies! According to research reported in Environmental Science and Technology, new crib mattresses release about four times as many VOCs as old crib mattresses. As body heat increases, so do the emissions. And that’s likely to be after everyone is in a deeper sleep. Another fact is that chemical emissions are strongest in the sleeping infant’s immediate breathing zone.

Chemicals in a crib mattress are not typically disclosed by manufacturers and that’s a problem. Infants are considered highly susceptible to the adverse health effects of exposure to indoor air pollutants. In addition to the Newton mattress, we highly recommend that you outfit the baby’s room with an air purifier/humidifier.

There are so many harmful chemicals used in baby mattresses and we’re glad Newton doesn’t use health-harming chemicals. They created a safer mattress that moms (and families) can feel good about! We have enough things to worry about as new parents – and a baby mattress shouldn’t be one of them!

washable crib mattress

What’s in a Newton Baby Mattress? Mostly AIR!

So what IS in this mattress made of? Mostly AIR! It’s 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer. Seriously, that’s it! Moms, you’ll appreciate that this mattress is washable. Not just the high-quality cover but the bed itself. You can wash the quilted cover in the washer. The mattress itself can go in the bath or shower to clean it. We have never seen anything like it!

newton crib mattress

It weighs about as much as a newborn baby – 11 lbs. so it’s lightweight and easy to carry or store.

Honestly, we thought this was just a higher-end baby mattress but it’s so much more than that. We love that it’s safer and that it is breathable. We’ve seen a lot of baby mattresses that have been destroyed after one baby. This mattress should last through several – or be in great shape for a hand-me-down when you’re done. You may want an extra cover or disposable baby mattress pads to put under the sheet to avoid having to wash or replace the cover frequently. Just be sure not to have the baby mattress pad near the baby’s head or you’ll negate the qualities of this mattress.

What do you think of the Newton breathable baby mattress? Leave a comment and let us know.

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