Cariloha Mattress and Sheets: A Resort Style Bamboo Bed

Cariloha is known for its super soft luxury resort clothes made from bamboo. In fact, Janet bought one of their amazing t-shirts when she visited a store in St. George to check out the Cariloha mattress, sheets, and pillows. After weeks of practice, she feels confident she can pronounce the word Cariloha correctly! Hint: combine the word Caribbean with the word Aloha and you’ll be talking like an islander (who loves good sleep) in no time.

We think of Cariloha as the tropical resort getaway bed.

You should know that the Cariloha mattress was given to us in exchange for this review and we are affiliates of Cariloha. There’s no way we could buy all of these mattresses and our husbands are already saying we need to slow down (running out of space). We have actually tested and slept on every mattress we’ve reviewed (and pillows and sheets).

Here are our thoughts and review, starting with the mattress delivery that couldn’t have happened on a more beautiful day (don’t worry it’s really short):

Cariloha Unboxing

Ok, the mattress arrived, now it’s time to open it and see what’s inside. We really like the thicker gray material around the sides. Good for hiding stains and it’s a thicker material sort of like denim. That’s a first. We also liked the simple design. As you’ll see it did take longer to get to its full height of ten inches.

Cariloha mattress boxed

For the Cariloha unboxing, we decided to go with an island theme and get our girls to join in on the fun:

Cariloha Mattress Review


Cariloha is made of memory foam and has the classic memory foam feel to it which hugs you and you sink in. So if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like moving around a lot in their sleep and pretty much falls asleep and stays in one position, plus likes feeling that hug, this is great for you.

The photo we took with the measuring tape was taken a few hours after we unboxed the mattress. It reads 9 inches tall. Cariloha has a shorter profile than most boxed mattress brands – at 10 inches tall when it’s fully re-inflated. It took about a day to get to the full height.

Thankfully, there wasn’t off-gassing or a strong smell with this mattress as is sometimes associated with memory foam (which we appreciated). No need to air it out at all.

The bed comes in 4 sizes:

  • Twin XL
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Here are the dimensions:

  • Queen – 60” x 80” x 10”
  • King – 76” x 80” x 10”
  • Cal-King – 73” x 85” x 10”


This graphic shows the various layers that make up a Cariloha:

Cariloha mattress materials



Cariloha is made from plush viscose from bamboo and while it’s not doughy it’s definitely on the plush side.



Priced at $1,100 for a queen size and when we got ours it came with a set of Cariloha classic bamboo bed sheet set. We’re not sure if this is always the case. Truthfully we didn’t know the sheets came with the mattress, but they’re luxurious and so smooth that we consider that a huge advantage. The regular price of the sheets is over $200. They’re like satin but not as slick. They’re lighter weight and like a cool ocean breeze in your sleep. However, they will wrinkle slightly and move (slide) easily. The amazing part about the sheets is they come with a lifetime warranty. Yes, they are under warranty FOR LIFE. Yes, that means you can return them at any time if there are problems and get another set!

We really loved the packaging of the sheets, so classy and would make an amazing gift!

Cariloha bamboo mattress and sheets


You can finance a Cariloha bed purchase with Affirm – making payments for a queen at an affordable $97/month.


Warranty: Cariloha offers a 10-year warranty for the mattress.

Trial Period: Cariloha has a 100-day risk-free trial period in which you can try it out and return it for a full refund should you not want to keep it.

Free Shipping and Returns: Cariloha offers free shipping and returns.


Overall we didn’t find this mattress to have the best edge support. Unfortunately, the supportive layer didn’t seem to make a difference (to us). So if you want a big bed feel, size up.

Also note that you will need a platform, box spring, or bed base with this mattress as it only comes with the top part of the mattress.

This mattress is ideal for

  • Someone who is slimmer and who has an even body weight distribution. Janet holds more weight in her middle (hips) and felt that part sink and was warmer than her upper or lower body. We wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is heavier for that reason.
  • Someone who doesn’t sleep warm. While the sheets have a cooling sort of feel if you sleep hot already, you may find it too warm for you. This is true with most memory foam mattresses, but especially softer ones in which you sink into more.

Bottom line: If you love the idea of resort sheets that are silky smooth along with a mattress that has a softer memory foam feel (not super doughy, but medium soft) that you can sink into, try Cariloha. Check out more reviews here.

Cariloha mattress review

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