Coop Incontinence Pad Put to The Test With 10 Cups of Real Pee!

Two Moms Review got the Coop Home Goods Incontinence Pad and Mattress Protector. We poured 20 cups of liquid (including actual pee) onto the incontinence pad to see if it will leak!

The Incontinence Pad is built with 4 layers of protection to defend against perspiration, incontinence, and spills to keep your bedding dry and give you peace of mind.

It’s easily washable, so you can use it night after night with no worries. Reusable for up to 300 washes. Note that we may earn a commission if you shop through our links.

Incontinence Pad Put to the Test!

How did it do? Watch our YouTube video where we pour over 10 cups of pee onto the incontinence pad! Then we followed it up with additional cups of water. It was stinky and gross but it really helped us know if the product can stand up to real life situations. Does it wash well? Does it remove the smell? We tested it to find out! 

Diana was so scared to dump all this pee on her bed she made us put plastic under the sheets. 

Should you choose to purchase, be sure to sign up for their VIP club (join their email list) and you’ll save 10%.

How do incontinence pads work?

An incontinence pad goes over your sheet to keep your mattress and sheets dry. You place it in the center of your bed or wherever you need to catch fluids. When it gets wet you simply throw it in the wash and you can reuse it.

Who are incontinence pads for?

Anyone who wets the bed, has excessive sweat, including toddlers, seniors, and pets. It’s normally for urine but it can even be ideal for a pregnant woman whose water might break in bed. It works for vomit, excessive sweat and even heavy period so you don’t ruin the sheets or your mattress.

Once your bedding gets wet that’s the end of sleep and the start of a lot of extra laundry and work to remake the bed. An incontinence pad makes it easy to clean up.

How often should you change an incontinence pad?

As often as it gets full or is soiled. We highly recommend that you have more than one so if one is being washed you have a backup.

Janet staring off into space on the incontinence pad

Where to Buy Incontinence Pads?

You can buy the Coop incontinence pad and mattress protector here. They are very reasonably priced – you’ll be amazed.

How much pee does this incontinence pad hold?

It holds over 20 cups of liquid.

What if my mattress already got urine in it?

Be sure to watch our video about how to get urine out of a mattress. It not only works to get pee out, but it disinfects and removes the smell too!

Our video was tested with a mattress that was over 50 years old and had lots of old pee in it (some from incontinence). So if that’s an issue or you have a bedwetter (or a pet that wets the bed), this method works.

After you go through all the work to clean your mattress, be sure that you get a Coop waterproof mattress pad to protect it so you don’t have to clean it again.

Can I use incontinence pads for my period?

Yes, they are an effective way to protect your bedding and sheets while you sleep. A future video will show how to get blood out of a mattress if you already have a stain.

In addition to guarding against leaks, the Coop mattress protector also keeps out allergens, is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and OEKO-TEX certified. It doesn’t contain PVC, Vinyl, or phthalates.

What are incontinence pads made of?

Top layer: 100% polyester

Second layer: 20% rayon, 80% polyester

Third layer: 100% polyurethane

Fourth layer: 100% polyester

Tuckable sides (2 layers): 100% polyester and 100% polyurethane

washable incontinence pad review

Benefits of a reusable incontinence pad

SAVE MONEY – Stop wasting money on disposable pads. These sheet protectors are machine washable up to 300 times, reusable, and eco-friendly. Perfect for when a waterproof mattress protector isn’t enough.

STAYS IN PLACE ALL NIGHT – Incontinence Pad features 19-inch tuck-able sides that go under your mattress, to keep it in place all night, even if you toss and turn.

Return Policy and the Best Warranty

Coop has a 30-day return policy and a crazy long 15-year warranty. This is the most generous we’ve seen and tells us that Coop really stands behind their products. Based on our tests and experience so far, we agree and highly recommend them. 

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