Dupray Neat Review – Our Top Steam Cleaner Pick + Save 5%!

As you know the moms at Two Moms Review love to clean with a steam cleaner. Why? No harsh chemicals and steam get your home a level of clean you can’t get any other way. Plus, it’s fun to clean with a steam cleaner. You can clean your car, floors, shower/bathroom, mirrors, and much more.

Today we’re going to tell you about our favorite steam cleaner that we’ve used over and over…The Dupray Neat steam cleaner. When you buy a Dupray Neat with THIS LINK you’ll automatically save 5%. Doesn’t work for the Amazon link below, but you can read reviews there.

If you want to see the Dupray clean a real-life mess, we show it steam cleaning a filthy shower with yellow mold and soap scum near the end of this review below.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and MoreDupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and MoreDupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and More

First, we want you to know that we’re not being paid to review the Dupray but if you buy it on Amazon we earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting our videos! We changed our name on our YouTube Channel to Clean Freak & Germaphobe. Subscribe here.

We previously reviewed the Dupray Tosca but it’s a $900+ machine (if you still want their Tosca professional steam cleaner Tosca, click here or here it is on Amazon. Check out our Dupray Tosca video review here. The Tosca has larger, more sturdy accessories, hotter steam and more pressure. But it may be more than most people need. I have both and find it easier to grab the Neat for most jobs. If you have a larger budget, the Hill Injection has a feature where you can put cleaner in the water and you do not have to let it cool down to refill it.

So we were thrilled when we learned that Dupray came out with a new model that’s more affordable – around $150. It’s called the Dupray Neat.

Join us as we dive further into our steam cleaning addiction with this new, smaller, more sleek steam cleaner.

Neat steam cleaner

Go to Dupray Neat’s Website

Neat Steam Cleaner Review

First of all, this steam cleaner fits its name – it is neat! It was released in May 2018 and made Amazon’s bestseller list in its first weeks.  The Neat steam cleaner is made by Dupray and it’s the only model we know of that they sell exclusively on Amazon. Yes, they made this model just for Amazon.

The Neat is at a much lower price point than their other models – at $150 – so we want to know if is it any good. Did they skimp on the accessories and go too cheap or is it still the quality we expect from Dupray?

This video is more of an overview than a review but it was when we first opened it:

We’ve already done a review of Dupray‘s higher-end Tosca steam cleaner. Steam cleaners can clean just about anything with just superheated water or steam. However, the Tosca is more heavy-duty than the Neat. Sometimes you have a quick job and you don’t want to bring out the big guns. Plus with an over $900 price point, you really have to be a steam cleaning addict like we are to buy one.
So we’re excited to try out the lighter weight more portable Neat steam cleaner. First, it’s made of plastic and not steel but the broiler inside is steel. We like the simple-to-use design and the look of the Neat. It looks like it was designed by Apple with its sleek white design.
To start you simply push the only button and wait for it to go green. Then you’re ready to clean. If you want to watch us clean with a steam cleaner check out our steam cleaning playlist on YouTube. It’s the same concept no matter what machine you use, they’re just made of different materials and of varying quality. You’ll see a video where we discuss a handheld steam cleaner vs a canister and so forth.

Neat Accessories

Dupray Neat uses the same accessories as Dupray Tosca
Dupray Neat brush accessories are interchangeable with the Dupray Tosca
The first thing we looked at was the accessories and their quality. Cheaper steam cleaners often have accessories that are cheaply made – but not with the Neat. They are as sturdy as the Tosca and superior to any we’ve seen at this price range. In fact, when we talked to Dupray and asked they confirmed that the brushes are the exact same on both models.

The accessories such as the floor, triangle, and mirror tools are slightly smaller, but you get a lot for your money and the quality of everything is the same as their higher-end model, which is pretty amazing.

Dupray Neat triangle tool next to the Dupray Tosca triangle tool (doesn’t swivel, smaller)
Here’s what you get:
  • 1 Rectangular Floor Tool – comes with clamps if you want to put a microfiber cloth on over the bristles.
  • 3 Microfiber Pads for the mop
  • 1 Window Tool (squeegee)
  • 2 Extension Tubes
  • 1 Lance
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth – but we love the Norwex brand cloths, more expensive but they hold up the best. We’ll put a link to those in the product description.
  • 1 Triangular Tool to get into corners
  • 1 Triangular Tool Microfiber Bonnet (fits over the triangle tool to keep it from scratching)
  • 5 Nylon Brushes (great because you’re covered if they wear out)
  • 1 Brass Brush (perfect for stoves, ovens, bbqs or baked-on/stubborn jobs)
  • 1 Addfresh fragrance disc 
Dupray Neat floor tool has clamps on each side to hold a cloth or (included) pad.

Ok, now on to the actual steam. The Neat heats to 275° and takes about 7 minutes to heat up.

  • The Dupray Neat uses ordinary tap water – no need to use distilled. You do need to flush it out after about 20 hours of use so you get the most life from your Neat steam cleaner but upkeep is super simple. We HIGHLY recommend that you dump out any extra water when you’re done cleaning and don’t let it sit in the tank. Also, using distilled water will prolong the life of your steam cleaner. I started using tap water but now I use distilled. If you leave water sitting in there you get these white chunks which are minerals from the water. Over time they can affect the longevity of your machine.
  • The tank holds 54 oz. of water for almost an hour and 50 min. of cleaning time.
  • The Neat is lightweight and portable with a retractable handle that fits right into the unique cube design. It’s also easy to grasp and carry around. Super simple design to turn it off and on. Just push the button and wait for it to turn green to start cleaning.
  • The Neat weighs 9 lbs without water.
The Dupray Neat has underneath cord storage and wheels.

See the Dupray in action cleaning a dirty shower in this short video

We’ve long been a fan of Dupray for its durable, high-quality steam cleaners along with its modern design aesthetic. Dupray made a machine that is simple and elegant that’s unlike any other steam cleaner we’ve seen. It’s not just a copycat like many of the others.

One feature we like to see in a steam cleaner is a lock so you don’t have to hold the button down on your own. So we like that the Neat has a lock on the handle.

The handle pulls up from the top and retracts into the cube when finished.
  • Filling up the Neat is simple – you just unscrew the cap and fill until the water pools around the top. It has a built-in funnel.
  • Easy storage with the cord that wraps around the bottom and it has wheels on the bottom.
Dupray built-in funnel – unscrew to refill steam cleaner.

Buy a Dupray Neat – See How Clean Your Home Can Get!


The Dupray Neat has a 3-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

Drawbacks of the Dupray

We can’t have everything we want in one machine for this price but there are a few things on our wish list.
There’s no readout on the Neat or any way to see how much water is inside when you’re filling it up or using it. It fills fast and heats up fast but you just have to wait until the steam diminishes to know it’s time to refill.
It also doesn’t tell you when it’s time to flush it with a vinegar/water solution or have a way to drain out the water on the bottom like the Tosca does.
The funnel is a little challenging to fill because you need an air pocket or the water won’t drain inside.
We wish there was something to hold all of the accessories like a bag. Also, we wish for a round, longer brush tool – like I always wish for an accessory that has a brush on the end sort of like a toilet brush.
Dupray Neat green light
Dupray Neat – green means ready to clean!

Watch the Dupray Steam Clean this Filthy Shower!

Janet found sometimes avoids getting out the Dupray Tosca because it’s quite heavy and is harder to carry. So she only used it for heavy-duty cleaning or when I had a project. It’s not something you want for smaller jobs like touching up your car.
So the Neat is perfect but it won’t replace the Tosca. I admit I’m using it more often – which is great for keeping the house clean!
This is one of those rare products that’s worth a lot more than the retail price. When you compare it to the others in the market that have cheaper accessories, cheaper fabric on their covers, and less durable plastic it is FAR SUPERIOR. I don’t know if we could recommend a product more than this one.
We love it and give it our highest recommendation. If you buy one, let us know if you love it as much as we do. And as we always say, we cannot be responsible if you develop a cleaning addiction. Try not to clean for more than 3 hours at a time!

13 thoughts on “Dupray Neat Review – Our Top Steam Cleaner Pick + Save 5%!”

  • Can I use Neat Dupray steamer to steam untreated wood on a bed frame? Will steam/water warp the wood?
    Thank you

  • To clean untreated wood use sodium triphosphate (TSP) mixed in distilled water. Scrub gently with a soft nylon brush. Gently rub off lifted dirt with towels/rags/microfiber. TSP has a scary sounding chemical name but is quite gentle and a traditional painters friend.

    • Yes you can – I’ve used it on all of them. Just be careful not to get too close to the fabric because it can burn or melt it. I’ve learned that the hard way. Just back up and if you can, test a spot first.

  • Does the toscana have noticeably drier steam? I have the neat, but it leaves behind more water than my Haan, which broke, and I can no longer find.

    • The company says yes. I wouldn’t on laminate. We’ve used a steam mop and after 7 years there is slight damage where the edge has warped in one place. It’s subtle but I switched to a vacmop or O’Cedar. Haven’t personally tested on vinyl though.

  • I saw another review you did by yourself comparing the McCullough and this model you said you didn’t like the attachment for the floor as well as the one for the McCullough I’m wondering does this same company dupray has the attachment you like on there more expensive machines and if so will they fit the smaller one and can you buy it separate

    • Dupray doesn’t offer a different floor attachment for the Neat. I have their Tosca which is quite a bit more expensive and the floor tool is much higher quality. We hope to try some of their other models so we can better compare them.

  • Does the Neat have continous fill or do you have to wait until it signals it is empty, then wait for it to cool down and fill it again, then wait for it to get back up?

    • It doesn’t – you have to wait for it to cool, refill and wait. Dupray sells this one (Hill Injection): https://bit.ly/3xA8MZb Not only can you refill it continuously without it cooling down, you can put cleaning solution in the boiler. However, as you’ll see, it’s significantly more expensive. I have the Tosca and it cleans for a long time. I once cleaned for 5 or 6 hours straight but now it’s all maintenance. It’s rare to clean for longer than an hour and since you’re not using it every minute (wiping, moving things, taking it to another room, etc), it cleans for a long time.

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