Pure Parima 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Review – Don’t Buy Fakes!

Did you know the Egyptian Cotton Association claims that 90% of products labeled as “Egyptian cotton” sheets are fakes? That’s why we wanted to review Pure Parima sheets. They’re certified by The Cotton Egypt Assn., the organization that licenses and certifies suppliers using Egyptian cotton. If your sheets are under $100 then you know they’re not authentic. Keep reading to learn about thread count and other things to look for.

Keep reading for how to get 10% off your Pure Parima order.

Pure Parima comes in a cloth bag which gives it a feeling of elegance. Be sure to save it to store your sheets in and protect them from dust. The packaging is gorgeous and it’s gift-worthy! Perfect for a wedding gift.

The company sent us a 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set (flat, fitted and 2 pillowcases) and a duvet cover set (a duvet cover and 2 pillow shams) to review. Size: Queen. Color: Ivory. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Pure Parima Sheets Bag

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets

  • 360-degree elastic band on the fitted sheet keeps your sheets from slipping on the corners.
  • Hidden zippers on the duvet shams and cover pillow envelope closures keep pillows tidy and tucked in.
  • Pure Parima are made to fit up to 18 inches deep with 4 corner straps to really secure the fitted sheet to the mattress. We think they’re best for thicker beds. They feature a 6-inch double hemstitch along the top of the flat sheet and around the duvet cover. It can also accommodate mattresses and toppers up to 20”.
  • 100% cotton sheets sleep cooler and are especially important if you sleep hot. Polyester traps heat and isn’t breathable (since it’s made of plastic and plastic isn’t breathable).
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial, which allows you to return any Pure Parima product(s) for up to 100 Nights after you receive them.

Pure Parima sheets box

Pure Parima 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set

The set comes with:

  • Certified 100% Extra Long-Staple Giza Egyptian Cotton from the Nile River Valley
  • Duvet Cover Set Includes: 2 Shams and 1 Duvet Cover (Duvet Insert not included)
  • Sateen Weave
  • Luxurious 400 Thread Count
  • Elegant Double-Hem Stitch Design on Shams and Duvet Cover
  • 2.15″ Mitered Flanges on Duvet Cover & Shams
  • Duvet Cover and Shams Feature Hidden Zippers for Ease of Use and Flap Enclosures

The duvet cover has 4 corner ties to help secure the insert inside. They also have down, and down alternative inserts available for sale.

Pure Parima Review

Bottom line we think these high-quality sheets are affordable luxuries. We love the silky (but not slick) soft feel and sleep like queens on these sheets! They’re in Diana’s guest room and her first guest to try them said it was like sleeping in a luxury hotel. She LOVED the sheets!

The quality of the stitching and the details like the envelope pillowcases and packaging are extra touches you appreciate from a quality retailer. For the quality and knowing they’re authentic, we think the price is very reasonable. Janet likes them better than the $600 sheets she reviewed!

Here’s our video review on YouTube:

Featured in this video:

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High Thread Counts Don’t Mean “High Quality”

Cotton grown in Egypt has longer, more durable threads. It’s a 400-thread count weave. Thread count is often used to signify how smooth and durable sheets are. It tells you the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Unfortunately, it can be gamed. Thread sheet should be considered, but the type of cotton is the most important!

You can read why that’s a big deal on their website, here: what’s behind thread count.

When it comes to cotton sheets, thread count isn’t as important as the QUALITY of the cotton. 100% Egyptian Cotton is the best quality cotton sheets. If the product simply states, “made with 100% cotton” it’s made with “American upland cotton” which is not top quality. While it’s a lot cheaper, this cotton feels “rough”.

Egyptian Cotton has long fibers that are thin and sumptuous, plus strong and long-lasting. If you follow the care instruction, these sheets should last a very long time and they won’t pill.

Cotton Wrinkles and How to Smooth Them

All pure cotton sheets will wrinkle. Wrinkles may be a good thing when it comes to sheets. Why? Because brands often add chemicals to cotton sheets to make them wrinkle-resistant. They’re treated with a resin that releases formaldehyde, a chemical closely associated with embalming fluid.

There are some ways to help minimize wrinkles. You can steam clean them like we did (with our favorite steam cleaner). Try placing your sheets on your bed as soon as they’re done drying. The leftover heat from the process will help you smooth out the wrinkles by hand.

You can also use a spray bottle to mist the entire sheet lightly, sides included. Dampen the sheet slightly. Then, run your hand firmly across the creases to smooth them out. Leave the sheet to dry. Ideally, you want to do this in the morning so they’re dry by bedtime.

Another method is to put your sheets in the dryer with some freshly washed wet towels. Run it for up to 10 minutes and then lay them hot and still steaming on your made-up bed for a few minutes. Give the bedding a bit of a shake and the wrinkles will be gone. The dampness will evaporate quickly too.

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