Father’s Day Gifts 2017 – Top Picks for Dad

Father’s Day Gifts 2017

This year Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th. Put a calendar reminder in your phone to buy a gift.

Best Dad Gifts According to Research

Every year we list the top gifts for dads in our 2017 gift guide. The guide isn’t just our opinion – it’s based on research from the largest retailer group in the world – the National Retailer’s Foundation. Every year they look at what people buy for their dads for Father’s Day. We don’t know about you but we think buying for dad is the hardest! Instead of going for the most creative, we look at the reviews. If it’s got a good review and fits, then the job is done!

Fathers day gifts 2017

We’re going to share that with you along with some top picks to help make Father’s Day easier on all of us!

Fun Activities/Experiences for Dad

You can always take dad to breakfast, lunch, or dinner because the best thing to do for dad shows your love by spending time together. Although if you don’t live close you may want to send him something he’ll enjoy and can do with his wife/buddy/friends.

The survey found 22 percent of shoppers will opt for a “gift of experience” such as tickets to a concert or a sporting event. Two in five Millennials are planning to give an experience, significantly higher than older generations. [source]

Things to Do on Father’s Day

Dads don’t need more ties and socks and if they do they want to pick them out themselves. Instead, try a gift given by almost half of all people who buy Father’s Day gifts at 47% – a fun activity or experience. You can even find activities to do on Father’s Day.

Our go-to place to find experiences or activities is Groupon! Either buy something in the city you live in or buy something in a city you plan to visit. For example, we buy Groupons for fun activities in Las Vegas that we otherwise wouldn’t know about. We took his dad and went to visit the museum, horses, and airplane of Wayne Newton – Mr. Vegas. It was so interesting and we even got to see his extensive car collection. You can bet the dads really geeked out and loved that!

The great thing is, you can print off the certificate and put it in a card with a heartfelt message and you’re good to go. No clutter or things like socks that dad might not really want to get for Father’s Day. Plus, you can both go and spend quality time together!

Groupon has a “things to do” section to make it easy. Just put in your city and state and click on that category to see a list of ideas.

If dad is into sports then choose that subcategory to see what’s available.

Here’s a screenshot of the list of things to do.

Two Moms Review affiliate

Here are some examples – just click below to go to Groupon and see what’s available near you.

Check Local Attractions

How to find, print, or view your Groupon vouchers

Groupon is one of the perfect last-minute fathers day gifts. After you find something for dad you can print out the voucher and send or give it to him in a card.

This video shows you how, step by step:


Clothing for Dad

The next gift idea is clothing! It’s given by 43% of people. Our favorite place to buy clothes for dad is on Amazon – you could even get him a gift certificate so he can choose his own, but here is a list of ideas from shirts to shorts…for dad.

Amazon’s Top Sellers Men’s Clothing


Here’s my favorite Best. Dad. Ever. t-shirt (get it here). Or the galaxy’s best dad tshirt.

fathers day tshirt

or there are always funny dad shirts like these…


Gift Cards for Dad

Another popular Father’s Day gift is gift cards (they are given by 41% of shoppers). We think steak is always a winner with dads! Again combine with a greeting card – the most commonly purchased gift at 65%. They are available on Amazon too.

Other ideas for gift certificates:

  • To Target (Janet’s husband’s favorite)
  • Movie gift cards – bonus: this gift can double as a date night!
  • Car wash gift cards

Electronics for Dad

Dad wants a new iPad, Shuffle, or something to go with his camera (new lens, etc). If you know what would be a good fit (like for my husband it’s a weather station for our kitchen), go ahead and get it. Otherwise, a gift certificate to Best Buy (available on Amazon) is an easy solution.

Other popular gifts include

  • personal care
  • automotive accessories
  • books (here’s a list of bestselling books right now on Amazon)
  • music
  • home improvement/gardening supplies
  • sporting goods

Browse Popular Books

This one isn’t on the list but it’s something I love to do – make a photo book for dad. This one will take more time to get done so you’ll have to plan ahead. Still, we ordered our photo book from Mixbook and they were fast (not the next day but faster than I expected) and the quality is so good! Click here to see their father’s day designs.

Stay tuned for our favorite photo book – you know all those photos you take of the kids that are still on your phone where no one is seeing them? Well, those make a great Father’s Day gift too!

Ok, it’s your turn. What are you getting for your dead old dad? Don’t worry, we won’t tell him!

fathers day ideas 2017



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