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Flower Delivery

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According to Adobe’s research, Mothers Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday in the US. The top gifts to give mom include a greeting card (80%) and flowers. According to new data from the Adobe Digital Index, online sales in the important Mother’s Day gift categories of flowers/gifts and jewelry are both trending 2%-3% higher this year than they were in past years.

Mother’s Day accounts for 1/4 of the floral purchases made for holidays. About a third (35%) of adults bought flowers or plants as gifts for Mother’s Day 2015. We buy gifts for more than just our mom.

Who do we buy flowers for?
Mom or stepmom

Some of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers include lilies, orchards, tulips, roses, irises, and calla lilies. Although pink is a traditional color favorite for Mother’s Day flowers, modern moms are going for brighter, bolder colors.

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.  If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love”.
– Stevie Wonder

The relationship between mothers and their children is something quite unique and beautiful.

Mothers teach us about the world, keep us safe, and keep us healthy.  They are fierce guardians who will take on the world to protect us. 

Mother’s day is the time of year when we all get to celebrate our incredible mothers.  It is the perfect time to reflect on the importance of your mom and let her know how much you love her. Moms build up a lot of anticipation for Mother’s Day. We want to get some time off (husbands, take the kids & make the meals!). We want to be recognized. Some people think Mother’s Day is too commercial but it’s more than that. You’d be surprised how many Facebook groups of moms are hurting because they wanted a day off, a day to feel cherished, but they didn’t get it.

Although no gift or gesture can repay the unconditional love that mothers have for us, Mother’s day flowers can make your mom happy.  Giving your mom flowers is a simple gesture that they always appreciate.  We will share a few of the reasons why mother’s day flowers are so popular and list some of the best places to get flowers delivered.

Why are Mother’s Day Flowers so Popular?

Flowers are easily the most popular type of gift given to mothers.  Of all of the holiday flower sales in the United States, 25% of transactions occur for Mother’s day. Why are Mother’s day flowers so popular?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Tradition
    Giving mothers fresh flowers is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. The founder of Mother’s day, Anna Jarvis, decided to use flowers to promote the event.  She declared that a pink carnation should be worn to celebrate Mother’s day.  If your mother had passed away, you could wear a white carnation instead.  Many children began giving their mothers bouquets of carnations — a tradition that continues to this day.
  • Flowers are perfect for every woman
    All women love flowers. Regardless of your mother’s sense of fashion, personality or style, she will enjoy having beautiful fresh-cut flowers in the home.
  • They’re affordable
    Most mothers don’t like it when their children spend too much money on them. They love receiving flowers because they are not overly expensive.
  • They’re personal
    You can write a special message for your mother on the card that goes with your flowers. In many cases, your mother will get as much pleasure from reading the card as they do from viewing the flowers.
  • They brighten up the home
    Most mothers are proud of their homes and put a great deal of effort into making them look good. Flowers will increase the beauty of their home and lift their spirits!

The top providers of mother’s day flowers
There are many excellent online shops that sell mother’s day flowers in the United States.

Best “Flowers Delivery” for Mother‘s Day


Proflowers is based in San Diego, California.  They are an e-commerce company that began selling flowers online in 1988.  Proflowers claim that every single flower is hand-picked and shipped directly from the grower.  Their flowers arrive ready to bloom and are guaranteed to be fresh for 7 days.

ProFlowers Mother's DayDelivery time: Proflowers take orders from anywhere in the world and ship to any destination in the United States.  They deliver every day except for Sundays and major holidays.  Most products are available for delivery Tuesday through Saturday.  Orders must be made by 12 noon on the day before you want the delivery to arrive.  They offer three types of delivery: priority overnight delivery (arrives before 5 pm the next day), standard overnight delivery (arrives before 5-8 pm the next day), and 2-day delivery (arrives by 5:30 to 7 pm 2 days later depending on location).

What can be included: Proflowers offers a wide range of gift options including Mother’s day greeting cards, personalized e-Cards, chocolates, and teddy bears. However, we really love the subscription option. For under $100, you can choose from packages with 3 arrangements. You choose when they’re delivered and where they’re delivered. Really you could take care of her birthday, Mother’s Day, and your anniversary in one purchase!

See Flower Subscription Options


  • Very affordable
  • Some excellent gift options
  • Guaranteed delivery by a set date


  • Some reports of flower arrangements not matching photos
  • Unlike other some other shops, they do not use local florists

Shop for Mother’s Day Flowers


1-800flowers.com was established in 1976 by a florist named Jim McCann.  They work with local artisan florists throughout the United States to deliver thousands of bouquets daily.  They claim to only work with farms that use environmentally friendly farm practices.

Delivery time: 1-800flowers offer delivery every day of the week.  They offer same-day delivery for certain items and locations.

What can be included: 1-800flowers has an incredible range of gifts that can be sent with your flowers — everything from hot sauce gift packs through to jewelry and wine!


  • Very affordable
  • An incredible range of gifts including fruits and cheeses
  • Guaranteed delivery by a set date
  • They use local florists when possible
  • They offer international flower delivery


  • Some arrangements cannot be delivered by the listed dates

See the Selection

FTD Flowers Online

FTD is affiliated with Proflowers and the two companies share a similar range of products. FTD was established in 1910 by a group of 13 florists.  When they first began, they would receive floral orders from across the United States via telegram. They are now one of the largest providers of Mother’s day flowers online.

Delivery time:  FTD has a large network in the United States and Canada.  Same-day delivery is available in most locations if you order before 2 pm in the recipient’s time zone.  Shipping is free for standard shipping only.

What can be included: FTD offers some beautiful Mother’s day greeting cards.  They also have a wide range of gifts including jewelry, chocolates, gift baskets, wine, and spa products.


  • Very affordable
  • Excellent range of plants
  • Guaranteed delivery by a set date
  • They ship internationally to more than 150 countries


  • Sunday delivery is not available in some areas

Place an Order


BloomThat is a relatively new startup that is based in San Francisco and New York City. The company is focused on providing a reliable service with high-quality flowers.  They have excellent reviews and the backing of some prominent entrepreneurs including Ashton Kutcher and Joe Montana. Their bouquets have a more modern/contemporary look – ideal for the dot moms out there (digital moms). Send these flowers and they’ll be sure to share their gift on Facebook (and make you look good!).

BloomThat Coupon

Delivery time:  BloomThat ships flowers nationwide, however, they only offer same-day delivery in the Bay area and New York City.  If you live in one of those areas, you can receive flowers in as little as 90 minutes.  The rest of the country is next-day delivery only.

What can be included: BloomThat allows you to purchase beautiful cards and add handwritten notes to flower arrangements.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Super fast delivery
  • Focussed on providing very fresh flower arrangements


  • Fast delivery only available in limited areas
  • Does not have the large range of gifts that other stores have

Choose wraps or vases…

modern mom flowers  Mother's Day flowers with vase


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If you want to make mom really happy – and she loves fresh fruit and/or chocolate you can’t go wrong with Edible Arrangements. They really have that WOW factor.

Mother's Day Edible Arrangements

Visit the Website


If you want to send mom A LOT of red roses, this wholesale florist wins. Check out their specials here.

Mother's Day roses

Does your mom like getting flowers delivered? What are you getting mom this year?

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