FREE Arts & Craft Classes to Help you through Home Isolation!

Are you feeling a bit stir crazy while we’re on home isolation? Me too. Here’s something to help. I find that keeping my mind occupied through projects is the best way to handle the seemingly endless duration of this shutdown! 

If you wanna learn how to sew, cross stitch, knit, quilt, bake, photography and all sorts of stuff right now ALL CLASSES are FREE right now on Bluprint. I linked to the family classes. But they have hundreds of classes to choose from! We can’t believe they are offering this!

There are a bunch of free video classes for kids and adults in all sorts of subjects. These are in-depth classes taught by amazing instructors so you really learn. Normally, the cost is $14.99 per month or an annual plan at $80 per year, right now it’s $39. I took a photography class, there’s an amazing bread making one and even fitness classes. I also noticed that a year subscription is just $39 right now, which is a steal too.

Get My FREE Classes

See all the FREE Classes!

No credit card needed and no obligation. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Here are some examples of classes you can take, click on a title to go straight to the class:


FREE Online Craft Classes from Bluprint

Through April 9, Bluprint is offering free access to everything; including more than 1300 video classes and series and hundreds of step by step project tutorials and patterns. You can learn to bake bread, take a yoga class or take up quilting.

This the perfect time to learn a new craft or hobby and help calm our nerves.


Blueprint has classes for adults AND kids. So if you are looking for something to keep your kids busy, Bluprint is a great option. Some of the classes I want to check out include digital photography, baking, and exercise classes (like Ti Chi). For my daughter: drawing, watercolor and cooking (we can do that together). 

I’ve never seen them offer everything for free so I’m FREAKING out over this offer.

They also have a whole section dedicated to family shows and classes. You can see the categories on the graphic I included in this post. 

Online Sewing, Cooking, Watercolor, Fitness Classes and More – FREE right now

You are going to be blown away. Like I said, this free offer requires no credit card – just your email address. Click here to get your free access right now.

Bluprint Class Categories

Here are the categories you can choose from. As an example, I had a class in my account for a digital photography course that was $29.99 just for it. It’s an hour and a half class. There are food photography classes that is ideal for bloggers and Instagrammers who photograph food. 


Another Freebie: Kindle Unlimited FREE 2 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION

Kindle Unlimited isn’t free, but they have an incredible deal right now too. It’s basically a subscription for books from Amazon. So if you have a reader in your family, you can get it absolutely FREE for 2 months ($19.98 value).

You can still get this deal if you have been a past Kindle Unlimited user. I’m passing this along to my son who loves to read. He’s in college with 3 roommates, isolated and bored out of his mind. 

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