How to Choose the Best Mattress to Prevent Back Pain

Looking for a new mattress and want to avoid back pain? It’s all about spinal alignment! A mattress can give you back pain, not affect it at all or help relieve it. 

The key to preventing back pain is to keep a neutral spine – whether you sleep on your side or you’re a back sleeper. Stomach sleepers, unfortunately, will have more of a challenge no matter which mattress you sleep on (see video for why). 

Here’s our back pain video featuring Jared Beckstrand from Tone and Tighten channel on YouTube. He’s a physical therapist who treats back pain on a regular basis at his clinic.

Mattresses Featured in Back Pain Video

In the order, they appear in the video below, from softer to more firm. Click to visit their website:

Nectar mattress

Mattress Review Videos

Here are links to reviews we’ve done of Purple and Nectar mattresses:

Purple Mattress Review (our top pick if you have back pain)
Nectar Mattress Review (after a year)

Wedge Pillows  – best to put between your legs if you’re a side sleeper

original purple mattress

Protect Your New Mattress

Why We’re Mattress Protector Advocates

Now that you have a new mattress, make sure you get a waterproof mattress protector. It prolongs the life of your mattress and protects it. Did you know a mattress company can void your warranty or return if your mattress has tears, spills, or stains? You spent a lot of money on a new mattress, so don’t take that chance, especially during the sleep trial. 

We hear people say that they don’t need a mattress protector because they don’t have a bedwetter. However, your mattress can get liquids of all kinds (wink, wink) on it.

We’ve even had people tell us they wet the bed or threw up on it after drinking a bit too much. Or they got sick. When liquids or food gets inside your mattress, it causes bacteria to build up and start eating away at the foam. It can smell from mold and other things inside. That’s why we’re mattress protector advocates.

This is our favorite mattress protector with a 100-day trial: 
➡️ Waterproof mattress protector 

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