Layla Mattress: Copper-Infused Flippable Mattress with a Lifetime Warranty

Layla Mattress

At Two Moms Review we love a clean house, happy kids, good sleep and more…today we talk sleep with our Layla Mattress Review. Diana knew it was time for a new mattress and the Layla was a good blend of height, plushness and versatility. Layla has memory foam but your body won’t sink in too far and has little motion transfer so if you move at night you’re less likely to wake anyone up.

Layla is a mattress with a unique and pretty name. We were given a Layla for the purposes of this review and affiliate links are used in this post. Check out Layla mattress here.

Layla review

Layla Sleep

First, we want to point out that Layla Sleep makes their mattress in the USA, not China. It is a combination of memory foam, gel, and foam infused with copper. It has a 4-month trial and a lifetime warranty.

It’s also a mattress with a cause. Every time someone buys a Layla mattress, someone in need can get a good night’s sleep. Layla partners with Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco and gives a small portion to the shelter.

Layla Mattress Unboxing

The Layla mattress comes in a very patriotic box comes with an American flag and instructions on how to remove your mattress.

  1. Unbox
  2. Unroll
  3. Air out for 2-3 hours before placing any bedding or covers on your Layla

Layla mattress box

Place your mattress on a traditional box spring, platform (with 3″ gaps or less between slats, or directly on the floor).

Let’s unbox the Layla and see what’s inside…here’s our Layla unboxing video.

One side is firm and the other is soft so you can choose which side you want to sleep on. It comes with the soft side up so if you do want the firmer side you need to unzip the cover, flip the mattress, and rezip it. This mattress is flippable!

Layla mattress layers

Soft Side
The soft side consists of 3″ of premium copper infused memory foam.

The middle of the mattress is comprised of convoluted base foam for exceptional airflow.

Firm Side
The firm side consists of 1″ of premium copper-infused memory foam.

Copper has 2 properties: cooling and for health.

The natural properties of Copper protect against odors, stains, and deterioration. There are Copper Knee Braces, Copper Socks, Copper Infused Clothing and now…a Copper Infused mattress.

They use the copper in the Layla Mattress primarily for cooling benefits. There are secondary benefits associated with copper including reduced joint inflammation and improved blood circulation. Studies on these secondary benefits of copper are not conclusive but many Layla customers have commented that they have realized these benefits since they’ve been sleeping on a Layla.

Ever notice that copper pipes are always ice cold? We’ve discovered that copper is the preferred material for most cooling systems because it doesn’t hold on to the heat around it.

Dating back many thousands of years, Ancient Egyptians, Romans & Aztecs have heralded Copper as an essential trace element for health and wellness with properties that were believed to heal and help combat the ravages of time. Copper is well known for its antimicrobial properties.

ThermoGel Cover
The Layla mattress cover is manufactured with Thermogel in the cover. Thermogel is a non-toxic food-grade cooling agent that activates when your body temperature rises and keeps you cooler since memory foam can sleep warm. It features a geometric design with modern gray and white on the top and a thin stripe on the other accented with a purple stripe.

Best news? The cover is removable and washable (but dry clean it, don’t use a washing machine or you might ruin the gel properties)! As always, get a mattress cover – here’s our review of top-rated mattress covers.

Here’s the Layla in the master bedroom:

Layla bed

Layla mattress has a lifetime warranty, so Layla is willing to stand behind their product for the entire life of the product. From what we know, only Layla and Nectar offer this long of a warranty.



You can sleep on the Layla for 120 nights – 4 months! Shipping is free and any returns are free too.

Not sure if it’s right for you?   Get a 120 night free trial


Layla keeps their mattress priced below $1k.



Layla Sleep Coupon

Check out our link above in the video and in our video description. There is a $50 coupon off your purchase.

Save $50!

Layla Mattress Reviews

The funny thing is we hated our last mattress and it was well beyond time to replace it. We expected to rave about this mattress and we do love it HOWEVER, mostly we didn’t notice a thing. No adjustment. No waking up. Just a long restorative night of sleep! My husband said the same thing – it just felt like we were in total nothingness.

Of the memory foam mattresses we’ve tried, we find the Layla to be high quality and comfortable with no sinking or overheating. Combined with the warranty and the great experience we’ve had with the company we’re pretty happy and expect to sleep on our Layla for many, many years to come!

You can check their website for more Layla mattress reviews.

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Layla mattress

Any questions about Layla? Please leave them in the comments and we’ll answer them, thanks!

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