Lume Deodorant Smell Test – We Sniff the Newest Scents!

Lume is a newer deodorant and smell reducing product you can use all over your body. Previously they had 2 scents: unscented (which does have a slight smell) and the popular lavender sage.

The unscented and the new Silver Spruce scent comes in lotion form. The other scents are in traditional deodorant packaging. You dial it up from the bottom of the package and swipe it on. Or, on other parts of the body, you swipe your fingers and spread it on.

Lume is an all-natural deodorant (more on that in a minute).

lume deodorant smell test

New Lume Deodorant Scents

Lume sent us their newest scents to test out and we’re affiliates so we may earn a commission should you buy through our link, which is:

If you decide to purchase through our link, they enter you into a weekly drawing where you can win a free product. So thank you for supporting our channel/blog.

Lume has 3 new scents that we were curious to try out

  1. Juniper Berry
  2. Jasmine Rose
  3. Silver Spruce

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lume deodorant new scents

What Does Lume Deodorant Smell Like?

Lume told us that their scents are gender-neutral, however, we found one that is definitely more feminine and one that’s definitely more masculine.

Watch our video to see what we think of each one:


Most deodorants are for under your arms and that’s it. Lume was formulated by an OBGYN, a woman who’s a physician, and it’s made for any places on your body that stink.

That means your feet, your butt, the front, and even behind your ears. Maybe you sweat on your behind your ears too?? Or maybe you want to smell fresh without douching and messing with the natural balance of vaginal flora. Yes, we just said vaginal flora. Or, men we want to include you too!

I’ve used it on my daughter who gets really stinky feet and it works great.

5 Unique Facts about Lume 

  1. It’s for more than just underarm smell. You can use it on your feet, or behind your ears (yes, it’s a thing to have smelly ears because where there’s sweat there’s stench).
  2. Lume lasts for 72 hours – 3x longer than regular deodorant.
  3. There’s no aluminum or parabens.
  4. No baking soda. Some people have allergies and they get contact dermatitis (rash) underneath their arms. They develop rashes from baking soda, but you won’t have to worry about that with Lume.
  5. No more stink. I don’t know any all-natural deodorants that don’t leave you stinky. Lume doesn’t. It works really well.


However, we did have to bring up one concern. Sometimes it didn’t work and we thought it was never going to (like that it stops working after a while). Turns out it’s an issue with the fabric…

Some materials stink even after you wash them. Here’s why: body odor gets stuck in non-natural fabrics like polyester, fitted clothing, and exercise clothing – the latter being the worst.

The waxes and oils found in antiperspirants, natural deodorants, and fabric softeners melt into fabrics and are tough to wash out. This allows bacteria and BO to stick around in your clothing wash after wash after wash.

Here’s a great article that sums up why polyester fabrics and the like are stink’s best friend.

The first few paragraphs of this article also articulate the invisible problem well. 

We think Lume lasts longer and does more than any other deodorant we’ve tried. It’s a bit more expensive but it’s on par with clinical-grade deodorants. 

Where Can I Buy Lume?

Lume is sold online. It also has a money-back guarantee (you have 30 days to return it for a full refund, minus shipping). If you buy 2 or more Lume products you get FREE SHIPPING on your order.

We recommend buying one unscented in the tube and one of your favorite scents or unscented in the stick. 

Last of all, how do you say Lume? Just remember it rhymes with roomie. The roommate you live with will be super happy you use this product and smell really nice, even if you’re really sweaty.

Best Lume Scent for Men – Juniper Berry

Best Lume Scent for Women – Jasmine Rose or Lavender Sage

41 thoughts on “Lume Deodorant Smell Test – We Sniff the Newest Scents!”

  • Great Lume review! It was fun watching your interaction, and I appreciate your candid real approach with sharing information.
    Kudos! 🙂

  • I just bought and tried the unscented stick deodorant this morning for the first time. I find the unscented scent EXTREMELY unpleasant and it i can STILL smell it under ny armpits. Should I return for a scented one?

      • I had the same problem with the unscented at first and they (lume) told me I was using too much .. but I doubted that….but it turns out they were absolutely right. If you use too much it makes u stink and the smell of the deodorant itself never goes away either .

    • I bought the silver spruce on recommendation and it stinks so bad like moldy Pine-Sol and the unscented smell is still there it almost gags me. After two days my body oder is worse than none at all. Oh well that was a waste of 50.00.

      • We encourage you to reach out to Lume and see if you can pinpoint the issue. It took me a week and talking to them to figure it out. You only need a little and it works best if you allow it to dry completely. We hope that you like it and don’t feel it’s a waste but it was worth the effort for us because it lasts so long and can be used anywhere (including behind your ears).

      • I bought a tube of the line/tangerine and a stick of the lavender/sage. Opening both, they smelled of urine to me. Maybe that’s to “cancel out” the smell *down there?” I don’t know. Maybe it spoiled because it took a LONG time to deliver. I won’t use them because the odor really smells like sweaty crotch—and I bought them to avoid this icky odor. So sorry. I really wanted to write a rave review.

        • Hmmm I’ve never thought any scent smelled like that. Sounds awful! What I have noticed is any smell goes away pretty quick so I don’t smell anything. It’s more to kill bacteria that causes Sono than adding smell. Definitely, an issue for them though. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out.

        • That’s so interesting you said that about it perhaps being “spoiled”. I bought the coconut one and immediately noticed the smell was nothing like coconuts. To me, it smelled like spoiled milk or baby spit-up. Mine also took so long to receive. Is it possible that these things spoils? I was going to return it but wondered f it would take forever to receive a replacement. And after a few tests, I noticed it work so well, I never got to return it. But it still stinks! I hope the 3 bundle scents I ordered smells much better.

        • LUME might not have that ‘beautiful scent’ as you’d buy like Secret deo, but it continues to work and any scent actually starts to die down(both body odor and deodorant), to smell clean and fresh. Use a wash cloths to get rid of any previous typical deodorant you’ve used and in general to exfoliate and it TOTALLY works. Plus it works with everyone’s body type as you sweat it works-especially with stress sweat and hormones stinkiest BO…. & no I wasn’t paid to say this!

      • The Lume scents seem to be either love/hate. For me, no matter what scent, it fades pretty quick and I don’t notice it. However, other people disagree. It’s very polarized. I’m glad they sell a sample kit! I’ve used almost every scent now and like them all – I don’t like a strong smell either way.

        • Thank you for posting this info. I am in my first week using Clean Tangerine stick and Coconut
          Crush tube and I’ve been very impressed with performance so far. My problem is the initial gag when I apply it. It does seem to go away within a couple of minutes but it definitely caught me unaware the first couple of days. That being said, I’ll purchase it again because it has kept up with the promises to handle natural odors.

  • I want to be able to smell and sample ALL the scents so I know which ones I like and have the samples available to my family so they can pick the ones they like as well…. so how do I make that happen that isn’t going to cost me $300 putting different sampler packages together …. is there one sample pack that just has a small tube of ALL scents? Than would make me a very happy person

  • My sister in law tried this for the first time
    .she said she got a rash and under a pain!!

    • Sorry to hear that! It’s hard to predict since everyone is different. After 2 years, I’m still a happy Lume customer but I would try Native if I were her.

      • Oh Native is far worse in my opinion and their customer service is terrible. I’d try Tom’s of Maine.

  • I ordered clean tangerine and jasmine rose. Why do they have a slight unclean underwear scent? I thought it was the lotion. So I ordered the stick tangerine. Same. Normal??

    • The Lume scents seem to be either love/hate. I didn’t like the tangerine as much as the Coconut Crush. Either way, it fades pretty quick and I don’t notice it. However, other people disagree. It’s very polarized. I’m glad they sell a sample kit! One other thing, we heard they changed the formula so what we tried may not be the same scent now.

    • I am a long time fan of Lume. I will say that the tangerine smells horrible upon opening. It does dissipate on me. I love the lavender sage and coconut. I will use the tangerine till gone but I won’t buy it again.

    • I like the scents and they fade quickly anyway, so I don’t notice them unless I smell them. However, judging from the comment here, a lot of people don’t like them. I really like Jasmine Rose and Diana did too. I guess it’s worth the staying power and that there’s no scent, oil or residue on my clothes. Lume is very different from other deodorant I’ve tried and it’s the only one that you can use just about anywhere on your body. My husband prefers the scent of regular deodorant and isn’t into natural smelling ones like Lume.

    • It’s because of the mandelic acid. Ever use a lactic acid facial serum and it has that kind of old milk-y kind of smell? It’s kind of like that. It’s just what acids like that smell like.

      • Great point!! I’m sure it’s got to be an ingredient. I know they use mandelic acid in their body wash. It smells better though. I wonder if it’s that and baking soda. I’ve got to look up the ingredients again but I think you’re on to something. No matter what scent you get, it’s going to have whatever that scent is in it (for the deodorant).

  • I guess Im just weird. I think the deodorant cream stinks so bad. I cant put it on. ( they state that the smell disappears quickly). Why put any fragrance in it in the first place then.
    The sudsy soap bar is at best fair, not impressed there either.
    Granted I dont have a body odor problem. But ads sold me
    My conclusion, dont waste your money.

    • This is a product that is really love/hate, especially on the scents. I’d say it’s got a more earthy, natural scent overall. Everyone is so different it’s tough to tell. We’re still fans after all of these years, but we hear from people who, like you, don’t love it.

  • I don’t have much money and I can’t throw it away on a widow’s pension. I’d love to try it. Help!

    • Look for sales (sign up for their email list) or try the samples. It’s definitely more pricey but you only use a little at a time and it lasts for longer (make sure that you rub it in and let it dry before putting on your clothes, for best results).

  • I bought 3 deodorants. I’m a nurse who has smelled some awful stuff. No deodorant product should smell like this. Many reviews state the foul smell of this product and Lume’s response is ” it fades.” It did not fade. There should not be any foul odor of a product meant to take away foul odors.
    Why 60 days to get a refund???
    Not good.

    • Jan Lee – it’s a 60 day return policy, not that they won’t refund you for 60 days. And a 2 month return policy is VERY generous when many other stores offer 30 days or less.

      I found the scent fades really quickly and then I don’t smell like anything at all. The product’s second ingredient is mandelic acid, and there aren’t any perfumes or essential oils. I don’t know why people are surprised it doesn’t smell perfume-y.

      • If we were to go back and review them again, we’d make that point. It’s not a scent you’re adding, it’s to neutralize the stink. If you think it’s going to be like mainstream deodorant scents that you buy so you smell good, then you’ll be disappointed. Like you, I find that the scent fades pretty quick. I never smell it on my clothes either. Whereas other brands build up smell and gunk on the armpits.

  • I’ve been using Lume for about 2 weeks now. I got the clean tangerine. When I first opened it, the smell kind of smelled like tangerine and butt mixed together. I was a little skeptical of the smell but sense I bought it I was going to use it. After applying it under my arms and other areas that initial stank smell went away. I have to say despite the stinky smell Lume does work. I apply it to my butt, underarms, under my breast and on my feet and I have to say, I don’t smell at the end of the day. It’s kind of weird considering the stuff does stink. Weird how that works! I will buy again and would like to try other scents as well.

    • I love your comment! It’s true that it can smell weird at first but it fades (everyone’s noses are different, some are more sensitive and still smell it). But it works amazing. I say, the scent doesn’t matter as much as you think unless you hate it. Because it’s more about stopping bad smells than having a scent.

  • is it safe to use next to testicles – have had issue with burning from menthol products – vapor seems to get from my back and knees and burning sensation in genitle area – thanks

    • Yes, it should be safe. There’s no burning or strong scent/odor from their deodorant products. It’s very gentle. The only Lume product that could be a problem is the body wash.

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