Tested: 10 Ways to Get Blood out of a Mattress

Do you have blood stains on your mattress? After blood dries it leaves a rust-colored stain that isn’t pleasant at all. Whether you got a bloody nose or got blood from a period on your bed, you don’t want those unsightly stains left!

We spent hours looking for popular solutions online that tell you how to get blood stains off a mattress. Then we tested 10 of them.

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After cleaning your mattress, use a mattress protector so you don’t have to clean it again!

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Here’s what we tested. Only one really worked!

chemicals to get blood out of mattress

1. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish detergent

2. OxiClean – one of my go-to stain removers

3. Hydrogen peroxide, corn starch, salt mixture

4. Meat tenderizer and water

5. Hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish detergent, and salt

6. Baking soda and water

7. Ammonia and water

8. Liquid bleach

9. Bleach pen

10. Baking soda and white vinegar

Watch our Video to Find out Which Solution WORKED!

The blood on this mattress was dry. If you have fresh blood, blot it first with a damp cloth (so you don’t spread it). Then treat what’s left with our magic solution. It does take some work (you may have to treat the stain more than once) but it’s cheap and effective!!

We do want to point out that for large amounts of blood, you may just have to get a new mattress (link to our review of what Janet considers the best mattress for the money).

We know the secret, now you can too…

After these tests, we wonder if people actually tried the solutions they recommend online because only one worked very well!


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Why buy a new mattress if you can clean the one you’ve got?

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