Venta Airwasher Review – Our Favorite Air Purifier, Humidifier and Diffuser in One

Hey, this is Janet and Diana with Two Moms Review. Today we’re going to talk about the Venta air washer. The Venta air washer is a humidifier, diffuser, and air purifier in one machine. It’s like a three-for-one.

Janet has had the Venta LW25 in white for over a year now and still LOVES it and uses it ALL THE TIME. Every time she lends it out the people who try it can’t live without it. Another mom bought 3 of them because she’s sick of her kids getting sick all the time and this has really helped!

The Venta is ideal for dryer climates, for a baby’s nursery, or if you have HVAC heating that dries out the air (even air conditioning can be very drying).

Do your sinuses get really dry in the Winter? Is your indoor air polluted or do you have allergies to pollen or dust? Or, do you have household smells you can’t get rid of? Keep reading…our Venta review.

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venta review

Venta Airwasher Review

The cube we reviewed is the LW25 model. It covers 400 square feet and is ideal for a smaller size room. They have 3 sizes. It has one for a smaller room, and it also has a larger one than this.

Venta Benefits:

There is nothing like the Venta and it’s the sort of product that you didn’t know you needed until you have one. Then you want several. We love having a Venta in our home, especially in the dry Winter months (cold and flu season).

  • Over 10k doctors use Venta to maintain a hygienic office and workspace.
  • Filterless. No filters to buy or change out (cleaner).
  • Runs for 24 hours or more (depending on humidity and speed).
  • Easy to clean and maintain your Airwasher.
  • No “white dust” because Venta uses cold water evaporation technology.
  • Will not overly humidify the air.
  • Add a pleasant scent to the air with Venta’s exclusive line of fragrances.
  • Washes pollen, dust, mites, odors, bacteria, and germs from the air.
  • 99.95% filtration effectiveness. Stronger than any other.
  • Captures particles as small as 0.07 microns!
  • Removes viruses from the air to keep you and your family healthy.

The Venta air washer is made in Germany and has a simple but ingenious design that disassembles (even the cord comes out) for cleaning. It’s the #1 air washer sold in Europe. They love it over there. The thing that we love about the Venta is that it cleans the air. We put a lot of effort, money, and time into cleaning your house. You buy a lot of products to make sure your surfaces (floors, walls, windows, and bathrooms) are really clean. We don’t think about the air that we breathe. That’s kind of an important thing. It’s what’s going into our body. We never think about how to clean that. That’s exactly what this is. That’s actually one of the things that Venta does — it cleans the air.

We got this about 6 months ago, Janet found out about it at a conference and asked for one to review. We are affiliates of Venta now also.

Amazon has a lot of good reviews – check them out here.

Venta Review Video on YouTube

Here’s our video Venta review so you can see it in action:

Note: Venta stopped honoring the discount code we shared in this video.

What a Venta Replaced at Our House

We’re going to talk about what kind of other things in your home, this one machine can replace because it has replaced these for me. The first one is the diffuser. A small room diffuser is about $15 and will have to be refilled every day or so. The next thing is just a humidifier. A basic one is probably like $40 or $50 from the major brands. Then the last thing it replaces is an air purifier. They run about $100. Altogether, it’s around $160 for all these, and then you have filters on the purifier that you have to find (getting the right filter can be tricky to find) and replace. The machines themselves have to be replaced every year or two.

Venta Sizes

Here’s a chart with Venta sizes and how big of a room they cover, weight and size.

Venta airwasher sizes

Venta Essential Oils

Janet’s husband sleeps with his mouth open. He can’t breathe out of his nose at night. It helps because when you have the air conditioner going or the heater going here, it dries you out. This helps keep the air in our bedroom really nice. Plus, you have the option to put essential oils in it and use it as a diffuser.

Venta has their own line of essential oils. We have the 3-pack. The vanilla essential oil is our favorite. While we really like using essential oils, we don’t use them all the time. We really like the smell of nothing sometimes. Water actually has a scent. The Dupray steam cleaner has it too, but it’s kind of like a water scent. Clean water.

Venta essential oils

The vanilla is a favorite. Overall, these essential oils are thicker than any essential oils we’ve seen. They’re dark in color and have a syrup consistency. You just dump it right into the water. Diana’s favorite is Refreshing. “It’s a light citrus flavor that I really, really love. The last one that they have in here is the Eucalyptus, which I never used because frankly, it was really strong, and it kind of smells like that Vicks Vaporub. I never wanted that smell in my house, but then I thought if one of my kids is sick this is perfect to put in their room. Especially if they have a cold and congestion to help clear out their sinuses. It smells so good.”

Venta essential oils

Venta 10-Year Warranty

The Venta comes with a 10-year warranty. Actually, what I find is once you have one Venta, you’ll want a lot of them. The cost of the Venta we reviewed is $299, which seems a lot, but when you think of how much it replaces and how long it should last, and what it does, it’s not unreasonable. Another mom put the Venta to the test and found it very durable, even after a decade of use.

“After 10 years the Venta the best and cleanest way to humidify my air. Highly recommended.”

Smell Test

The first thing is, I walked into our house with the box, and it smelled from the day before when I had made shrimp in the kitchen. I couldn’t get that smell out, so the first thing I did was take it out of the box, plug it, fill it with water, plug it in, and make it run. I woke up the next morning and my kitchen no longer smelled like seafood. That’s incredible because it’s so hard to get rid of the fish or shrimp smell in your kitchen. Lasts forever.

Another thing that’s been really great, for immediately I loved it, is for teenage boy smell. I’ve tried everything else that I could think of to get rid of it. Like airing out the room and washing everything, and wiping down all the surfaces with Febreze. Candles, anything like that to get rid of that smell. It just masked it or made it worse. Or it was temporarily gone. But the Venta is the only thing that I can run and that smell will be gone and it will actually stay gone for a few days after.

Venta airwasher

Venta Review: Noise Test

Overall, the Venta is a very quiet machine, especially on low. You won’t even know it’s on. However, we run it at a medium or high speed and it’s a little louder. We actually like the white noise. Still, our Venta developed a clicking sort of sound that kept us awake. Luckily we found a YouTube video that told us how to fix that. It wasn’t too hard and it worked like a charm.

If we could change anything about the Venta, we wish that the light could be turned off, because when the room is dark the light can be distracting. We put a piece of cardboard over it. That and we wish that you could turn up the noise or turn it down. I know that’s an odd thing but we like the white noise. It helps us sleep better. We’re going to do a test to show you this is the first speed.

You’ll love how simple this machine is. It’s so easy to operate and clean. The bottom is just a big square and it’s so easy to refill in the bathroom sink, kitchen sink or even the bathtub. Some people use a watering can refill it.

Venta Q&A

How many hours does the Venta run before you need to refill it and what humidity does it keep a room at?
How long until you need to refill your Venta depends on your level of humidity and the speed you have it on. Normally you refill it every day or two. At #1 speed it goes for about 48 hrs. At #2, 24 hrs. #3 speed it goes for 15 – 20 hrs. It keeps humidity levels between 35% and 45%.

Can you use regular tap water in the Venta?

Yes, since you can easily clean out the water tank (you can literally put it in the dishwasher) – you can use any water in it. The problem is mineral buildup but since you can clean that off then you don’t need to use distilled.

Do you Need the Venta Water Treatment and Venta Cleaner?
Ideally, yes. Your air washer comes with everything you need for the first month. We use a Norwex cloth to clean the inside (not the cleaner) but both are very effective. The water treatment makes the water evaporate off the disc efficiently.

Is this a cool mist humidifier?

No this is not. It doesn’t blow steam out and you won’t see any. It’s an evaporative unit that relies on relative humidity. The way you know it’s working? The water level goes down. It turns itself off when it’s time to refill and the small red indicator light goes on.
Will this clean mold spores, pet dander, and allergies out of the air?
Yes, it will help to remove mold spores as it washes the air which flows through the unit. It also cuts down on smells such as cigarettes, pets, etc. as well as allergens. When you change the water you’ll see (it’s not clear anymore). It helps the cigarette smell so well that most people say they don’t need to run a HEPA unit too.

Questions about the Venta?

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about the Venta air washer in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Venta Airwasher Review – Our Favorite Air Purifier, Humidifier and Diffuser in One”

  • I got a venta air washer…it’s only 2 weeks old…I can’t find my receipt so I’m stuck with a problem…hoping you can tell me what to do….I did everything I was supposed to do …it worked good for 2 weeks …now the problem is when I go to put it on the red light comes on and won’t allow me to turn it on…plz tell me what I have to do to correct this problem…thanks

    • Contact the company. I don’t know how many years I’ve had mine now and it’s still going strong. It’s worth the effort to see if they’ll fix it. Sorry that we can’t tell you how to fix it…

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