Voila Mattress Review and Discount Code for 10% Off

This is Janet and Diana with Two Moms Review, and today we’re going to review the Voila mattress. We were given a queen-size Voila mattress and ordered a plush. Voila is considered a showroom quality mattress to be comparable to brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, or Simmons.

Voila mattress review

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Best Hybrid Mattress

Voila is a hybrid mattress. It has a mix of foam, including memory foam, and pocketed coils. This means you the benefits of both technologies. Hybrid beds give sturdy support and contouring comfort. The springs make it more like a showroom-brand bed. However, you save money and can try out the bed in your home for 100 nights.  This is the first more luxury mattress we’ve reviewed that comes in a box and has springs. Like other boxed mattresses you are sent the top mattress. You will need a platform bed base or foundation (you can use box springs) to put it on.

This mattress has 768 pocketed coils that are individually wrapped so they can move separately. The other online mattress brands like the Leesa, Ghostbed, or Purple are all foam. Voila is unique in that it’s not.

Mattress Firmness and Thickness 

Viola beds are 10, 11, or 12 inches thick (depending on the firmness you choose, with plush being the thickest).

Another thing that is unique about the Voila is that you can select the firmness level. Ghostbed and other kinds of online-only mattresses have one firmness level. It’s basically a one size fits all, and it does. Most people want a medium mattress so they cut costs by just giving you one option, but Voila actually lets you choose between three firmness levels.

Unlike many online mattress brands, Voila comes in 3 firmness levels:

  • plush
  • medium
  • firm

Firmness is one of those incredibly subjective parts of a mattress that you really can’t know until you sleep on it. Most boxed mattresses come in a medium firm only to save you money (they only have to keep one firmness in stock). So if you want a firm mattress it can be tough to find.

100-Day Comfort Guarantee

Voila offers a comfort guarantee. This means that if you get a plush, and you want it a little bit firmer, it’s a little too soft for you, they’ll do a one-time exchange so that you can make it firmer or less firm. After sleeping on a Layla, Diana thought the Voila was too soft and fluffy and wants to exchange it and get the medium. You have 100 days to make the exchange. They won’t have you send the whole mattress – the cover unzips underneath and you’ll get the new foam to insert.

Voila comfort guarantee

Energy Transfer

One of the things that we like to talk about with every mattress is energy transfer. How much does your partner feel if you were to roll over and jump? A lot of mattress companies will demonstrate it with a bowling ball, glasses of liquid, or an egg. As moms, we demonstrate it by having the kids jump on the bed and see how much we move. This mattress did have some motion – about average. The springs will make the motion transfer a bit more pronounced than all foam. Just think if you sink in you’re probably not going to be disturbed if your partner moves around next to you.

Voila Layers

Voila has 12 layers! You’ll notice that there’s memory foam, latex foam, and other types of foam, including the thicker layer for edge support (that makes a big difference). Even with memory foam, we found the mattress quite responsive (it comes back faster rather than slower).

Here’s what the layers consist of:

Voila mattress layers

This is the most complex mattress that we have reviewed. This has 12 different layers of foam, whereas a lot of the ones that we’ve looked at have four, five, six, or seven. It shows in its weight. This is much heavier than the ones that we’ve reviewed before. This queen mattress is 130 pounds.

Another thing that this mattress has is it has coils. So it has actual metal springs in it, which adds to the weight, and also adds support to the bed.

You have on the top, the top layer is a memory foam latex hybrid. The nice thing about that is you do have that memory foam feel so that it takes the pressure off of your joints, but because of the latex mixed into it, it doesn’t keep its form to long. If you’re not really big into the memory foam feel but like some of it, this is a nice mattress for you.

It does have a cooling gel infused in there to help you sleep a little bit cooler. The other thing it has to keep you cool is what they call air flow technology. So it has air holes that flow through the side of the panels, and up through the coils to keep air circulating.

The cover itself has a kind of wavy pattern woven into the fabric. The very top layer isn’t super thick, but it’s really soft and pretty.

Superior Edge Support

The number one thing we noticed about Voila is the edge support. It actually makes the bed feel bigger because you’re not afraid of rolling off the edge while you sleep. Otherwise, we liked that Voila has coils to add support. When you unbox a Voila mattress you can hear the popping sort of sound that it makes when it reinflates.

One feature that we haven’t seen with any other mattress is that they have about a six-inch layer that goes around the perimeter of the mattress. What this does is it supports the edge of the mattress. With this one when we sit forward, and we’re both putting our weight kind of forward, the mattress all give a little bit, but out of all of them this one by far has the least amount of collapsibility.

The wave pattern makes it look like Janet is more sunk down than she is (and she is taller and weighs more than Diana).

voila edge support

That means you can sleep near the edges without feeling like you’re going to fall off. It makes you feel like the bed is several inches bigger.

This mattress comes in all sizes. So it has a twin, a twin extra long, it has a full, and a double (which some mattress brands skip over and don’t make). It also has a queen, a king, and a California king.

Pricing and Save 10% on Voila

As far as pricing goes the queen is at $1,100, the king is $1,499, and the twin is about $699. However, if you use code SLEEPMAMA10 you will get to take 10% off the price of any Voila mattress.

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100-Night Sleep Trial

The Voila offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you can really have a lot of time to see if it works for you. If you don’t they offer free returns and free shipping.

10 Year Warranty

The Voila mattress has a 10-year warranty. If you do want to ever remove this mesh cover to wash it, add firmness, or take it away, it does zip underneath the cover.

To recap, the Voila mattress is the showroom mattress, but it comes in a box. It has springs, it’s a little bit higher profile, it has excellent edge support, and it also has cooling features. If you are looking for a very comfortable mattress and want to save money, but want quality I think Voila is a solid choice for you. If you have questions, Voila has a chat feature on their website here where you can ask questions.

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