Levoit Warm vs Cool Mist Humidifier: Top 10 Pros, and Cons

Moms, do you buy your humidifier at the grocery store or Walmart? The kind that is hard to refill, has filters that get gross and you have to refill? And what about cool or warm mist – which should you get?

Then you’ll want to read our review of the Levoit Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier. We have the Levoit Humidifier, 6L/1.6 gallon Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier in white which you can find on Amazon here.

TIP: If you go to the Levoit website and enter your email they will send you a 15% off coupon to use on Amazon. So go to Levoit.com then back to Amazon to purchase.

cool vs warm mist humidifer
The display brightness can be adjusted or turned off but it’s a pretty easy-to-read-display. It shows the humidity level in the room and monitors it for you.

Diana and I love the Venta which is an air purifier, humidifier, and diffuser in one, but it’s a bit pricey for a lot of moms so we looked for something more affordable. If you want a large-capacity humidifier and have a larger budget to spend, check out our Venta review. Our interest in finding an alternative started when someone on our YouTube channel asked for a lower-cost alternative to the Venta.

We looked for a humidifier/air purifier and diffuser in one. After a lot of research, we found the Levoit which we hadn’t heard of and were anxious to try. The Levoit has 2/3 of the things we wanted as it’s a humidifier and diffuser – but it doesn’t have an air purifier. It was one the only humidifier we found in this price range with a built-in diffuser. Most humidifiers tell you not to add anything to the water and it will ruin the machine if you do. We loved that the Levoit had a place to add essential oils. In addition, we discovered that if you want all of those features in one, you’re going to pay a much higher price.

Disclosure: We requested and were given the Levoit for the purposes of this review, however, we weren’t paid to write about it and are affiliates.

Levoit Humidifier Review

Top 10 Features of the Levoit Humidifier

This humidifier has some features that make it really great for kid’s rooms. I know it’s tempting to buy a basic Vicks or cute humidifier but we think you’ll appreciate what the Levoit has to offer.

  1. It has both cool AND warm mist settings (2 in 1). The warm mist gets warm quickly – within a few minutes. Plus you can control the mist level.
  2. This humidifier is beautiful! It looks so modern and sleek. Plus it’s compact (not big and bulky like many). You could bring this in a suitcase when you’re traveling. It’s like a Mac instead of the PC.
  3. Has a remote so you don’t have to get out of bed or crouch down to change it. You’ll love the remote!
  4. Has a huge 1.6-gallon water tank that you won’t need to refill every night. Compared to other humidifiers in this price range (like the homedics warm and cool mist humidifier) it holds more water. I don’t know about you but I hate constantly refilling the water tank, so I like that it holds more water without being bulky!
  5. You can read the humidity level with the built-in hygrometer and set it to a certain level that you want. An indoor humidity level of between 40-60% is ideal since studies show that’s the level at which it will reduce the flu virus on surfaces and in the air. You can set it on auto and it will keep the humidity at the level you want.
  6. You can leave the display on or turn it off so the room is not illuminated. Your choice. Some people complain that it’s too bright – we like that you can control it.
  7. You can add essential oils to the humidifier, like eucalyptus during cold/flu season or lavender to promote sleep. There’s an “aroma pad” on the side. Just put a little essential oil on it and the steam will smell great.
  8. Very quiet.
  9. Has a timer so you can set it for however long you want.
  10. Auto shut-off automatically turns off the humidifier when it’s empty so it’s not using electricity or running it unnecessarily.
  11. It has a handle! Like having a pocket in your jeans, it’s nice to have a handle to easily carry your humidifier.
Levoit humidifier review
See how beautiful the glossy white is? This is with the humidifier turned off. The mist comes out the top. No pieces extruding – very simple and elegant design. It’s also compact and holds a lot of water so you don’t have to refill it constantly.

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Levoit Humidifier Drawbacks:

  • Like most humidifiers in its class, this one is a little difficult to clean. We recommend using distilled, purified, or ozonated water to prevent mineral buildup and prolong the life of your humidifier. Clean it each week and try not to let water sit. It’s just the quality of water that mold will develop. This one is filterless which makes it less expensive to maintain and if you’ve ever seen a disgusting filter, you’ll be glad to not have to deal with it!
  • They could make it easier to refill the tank. You have to remove a panel on top (where the mist comes out) to uncover the handle. This is a little awkward and like many humidifiers, you have to turn it upside down to refill. Again, a common feature with a lot of humidifiers.
  • There is no separate “on-off” switch on the humidifier or remote. You must press and hold the AUTO button to turn it off which could easily be avoided by adding a button to both. This could be improved.
  • Some people report that the tank leaks – but we haven’t had any leaks.

Levoit humidifier box

Warm vs. Cool Mist Humidifier

A warm and cool mist humidifier adds the same amount of moisture to the air. They can help with dust/allergies and help ease coughing and congestion. Another benefit is it keeps the air from drying out your nose (you can get bloody noses from dry air) and just for overall comfort. We live in a desert (Utah) where it’s really dry and our kid’s skin gets dry. A humidifier is a must-have!

According to the Mayo Clinic, you don’t have to choose…stating that “warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers are equally effective in humidifying the air. By the time the water vapor reaches your child’s lower airways, it’s the same temperature regardless of whether it started out warm or cool.” A warm mist humidifier can be a hazard for young children who are mobile or not old enough to know not to play with it. However, the benefit is that a warm mist humidifier can warm up your child or baby’s room.

Really to us, it’s about temperature more than humidifier. If it’s summer and you’re hot you’ll want the cool mist on. If you’re cold, you want the warm mist. I’m surprised they didn’t talk about that because that’s really why we choose one over the other. It’s nice that you don’t have to choose with the Levoit.

humidifier with essential oil diffuser
This is where you put drops of essential oil – on the auroma pad. It keeps your humidifier clean and adds a nice scent or therapeutic benefits. We like lavender to promote sleep and for its pleasant smell. That’s a lightsaber in the background (not a syringe!).

2 Year Warranty

This is a long warranty and is important because there are problems with some units. We’ve replaced our humidifiers in this price range every 6 months to a year so knowing that we have 2 years is reassuring.

What it Comes With

Here’s what comes in the box…

  • Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier.
  • Remote Control.
  • 2 Descaling Pads.
  • 2 Aroma Pads.
  • Cleaning Brush.
  • User Manual.
what comes with a Levoit humidifier
This is what you get with your Levoit humidifier

That concludes our Levoit humidifier review.

  • We discussed the pros/cons of the humidifier and why we picked this particular one to review.
  • You learned the difference between a cool vs warm mist humidifier and we gave you a peek inside.

Next, we’ll do a video review for YouTube.

Overall, we highly recommend this humidifier. We wish that it was slightly more intuitive to use. It is a little more than the humidifiers you find at most stores but we think the extra features and the warranty make it worth it.

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